Consolidating 2.3% loans with 6.8% loans: thoughts?

I have 90,000 at 2.3% and 70,000 at 6.8%
I think I want to consolidate to do PAYE or REPAYE
Is there any financial advantage to taking IBR instead for the 2.3% loans? Those are not eligible for Covid forbearance so I need to deal with them soon.
I obviously don’t want two payment plans, but it’s also painful to raise that interest rate though consolidation.
Anyone have the math?

Also: PAYE vs REPAYE is elusive…anyone clear?

We consolidated thinking it would help. I thought we’d be able to get payments based on our income, but once the consolidation went through they informed me that my income was too high, even though I had just retired and my income was 2/3s lower than previously. Then also, our payments became $1100 per month. That was right before covid hit and we haven’t had to pay, but there is no way we ever can.