Colorado Local Chapter - Virtual Meeting this Week

Hello! If you’re in Colorado and interested in starting a local chapter, please join me and a few others in a preliminary meeting this Saturday night on zoom. Reply or message me for details.

Also, can someone tag the Colorado members group for me and also add me to it? @admins

Java :coffee:

@Colorado folks, please see Java’s message about a meeting with the Colorado branch!

@java.noor - you’ve been added to the Colorado list :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Hi @java.noor

I’m in Colorado Springs, and definitely interested in a local chapter. Working with a few other folks here too.



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Hey Aaron! That’s awesome! Excited to connect with more Colorado folks! Can you join our zoom call tomorrow night at 6pm? Let me know, and I’ll message you the link.

If not, we’ll take meeting notes that I can share. And we can schedule another call soon.



I should be able to come tonight! Looking forward to it!


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I’m still figuring out the Community Forum, but I’m in Colorado and look forward to collaborating with you all. Thanks, Aaron, for letting me know about this group.


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