College for All Direct Action Team

This is the space where we will coordinate direct actions to help pressure politicians and other officials to meet our demands. If you have an idea for a direct action, please post it below. We have included some suggestions.

Debt burn
Burn your student debt notices at any location you think is relevant to the student debt crisis (see below for suggestions).
-Film the burn on your phone. Ask others to join you in this act. Film them on your phone.
-Post your videos on the Debt Collective platform and all social media accounts.
-Here is a video of a debt burn to give you an example.

Debtors Assembly
Organize a gathering of people to provide public testimonials about why their student debt is illegitimate.
-Organize the assembly in the following places: department of education buildings, schools, bank lobbies, in front of your local newspaper, on front of your servicer’s local office
-Here is an example of debtors assembly.

Occupy Congress
Let your local representatives know that the student debt crisis will no longer be ignored.
-Follow the electoral schedule (is your rep up for re-election? Has she or he publicly said they support College for All?) Plan to show up and protest your student debt.
-Demand that your debt is cancelled or your rep won’t get your vote/future vote.

Organizing a meeting with officials on your campus
-Tell the administration at your school that you are done with taking on student debt to access an education. Ask your administration for a meeting to talk about what the leaders of your school are planning to do to address the crisis.

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