Collection Agency suing you after you file a claim


This is not an attempt to complain about The Debt Collective. On the contrary, it helps to have a non-profit having this platform for people suffering from debt. I just want to communicate something that happened to me when signing up as a member and going through the process.

Shortly after, I was sued for owing the debt. I’m not trying to scare anyone, I just think is important to communicate anything that happens to members here. I had read this can happen somewhere on the internet. Someone on here told me there is no proof of that happening and that we wouldn’t want to scare people from filing and knowing how much they owe.

My opinion is that if it doesn’t get communicated, others might fall into this unfortunate trap and I’m simply trying to help! it might be important to have a follow-up plan. I have heard of being able to negotiate with debtors to lowering the cost if you can pay the whole balance upfront. But I know this depends on whether the person has the money and it depends on how much you owe and how much they are willing to negotiate. I have heard, however, that you can get a good big chunk out of what you owe through these negotiations. Any thoughts?

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I’ve heard through several members that it is imperative to show up in court. Be there and be ready to share the lawsuits and all paperwork related to your school. If it were me, I would be armed with the lawsuits, any school collateral with the job stats, and my finances.

The upside is many times, at least I’ve heard from advocates, is that many of the collection companies do not have the original promissory note and therefore do not own your debt, so collection efforts can be thrown out. If you don’t go to to court, they will rule in judgement of the collector.

I hope others chime in, and keep us posted on your outcome, as we can all find ourselves in the same predicament.

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I 'm glad I read your comment. You just gave me some information I could use in my defense. The school I attended doesn’t exist anywhere and my transcripts can’t be found. Also the loan servicer who holds my loan has me down attending a school that I never attended and recently closed after they lost their accreditation. Thank You for the advice