Co-Founder Astra Taylor Opinion in NYT Sunday Review: Student Loans. Medical Debt. Criminal Justice Fees. Cancel It All

New York Times Opinion: Make Americans’ Crushing Debt Disappear

"Student loans, medical debt, utility bills, criminal justice fines and fees, and municipal debt all need to be written down or canceled outright. I’ve written elsewhere about some of the various legal means by which this can be accomplished, and many other potential strategies exist.

To begin, Mr. Biden should honor his campaign promise for Congress to immediately cancel student debt for borrowers. There is no reason to hold back. Erasing every penny of federal student debt would improve nearly 45 million lives, help narrow the racial wealth gap and most likely win over a good number of Republican voters in advance of the midterms. The Debt Collective, a membership organization for debtors I helped found, has already drafted an executive order the president could sign tomorrow to do so — no need to involve Congress or pass legislation."