Closed Defense to Repayment Applications

Hey Guys,
I am starting to get word that the mass DTR denials that Betsy Devos did back in early 2020 have been closed. From my understanding, these applications should have been placed back in pending status per court order from Sweet Vs. DeVos. My application was set to closed status as well. I have contacted the DOE and they had no clue that these applications were supposed to be back in pending status.
What is now the current game plan now that the DOE has not set these applications back to pending? Re-file our defense to repayment applications?
Please send word or a game plan so I can advise ITT Tech Warriors.



Hi @Joseph_White, thanks for this info.

I’m not sure what the Department of Education’s process is for those DTRs at the moment. Whatever they are deciding is still at the mercy of what the courts ultimately force them to do. I also think it is going to take the Department some time to figure out what they are going to do under this new administration, even apart from what the courts force them to do. So I don’t want to jump the gun just yet or read too much into this. But certainly worth exploring and learning what we can. I’ll start asking around and seeing what I can find.


Please keep me updated as well. I’m also an ITT victim.


Please keep us updated as I am a Corinthian College victim.

Please keep us updated, we are Art Institute victims!

I already refilled as soon as I got the denial as per what someone in the DOE leaked last year.


Hi @Joseph_White, @gs07731, @meadoman @kitcowan and everyone else.

I sought clarification on this.

From my understanding the Sweet v DeVos case (which looks like it has now been renamed Sweet v Cardona since we have a new Secretary of Education) the Department of Education said that they would not collect on any of the accounts that were denied until that case is resolved.

This is a slightly different issue than having your borrower defense to repayment application marked as “closed” or “pending.” If you got denied, and your account is placed back in a repayment status, please contact me ASAP and we will investigate further and if necessary bring a violation of this agreement to the court’s attention.

In terms of the borrower defense to repayment applications themselves, for right now we are still in a wait-and-see mode. The Sweet case is advancing, but that is always a slow process. We don’t know what the Biden administration might decide to do on it’s own, without the courts forcing them to take action.

So for right now I don’t think you need to refile a new borrower defense application even if you got denied and even if the borrower defense hotline says your application is “closed.” What the courts decide and what the Biden administration decides remains to be seen. In the meantime you shouldn’t be collected on.

At some point in the future the situation might change, but for now we are still in wait-and-see land.

Suddenly my account is not showing any previous applications. Should I really ASAP? I’m on the edu site.

I’d hold tight for now.

I expect the Department of Education will examine past denials and figure out what they are going to do. There are also ongoing court cases. So for now, I think it is fine to wait and see what happens. At some point in the future maybe there will be additional steps to take.