Chicago, Illinois Chapter

Hi! Wondering if this already exists?
I’m also from Atlanta, Georgia and would be down to collaborate with folks in my hometown remotely.

Chicago! We’d love to have you join us at our Bay Area Zoom Headquarters on Wednesday nights at 6pm. Contact me at lavishpraise@gmail if you want more info…

@prosper Yes we do have a Chicago chapter! @Jennifer_Lezan & @Ami_Schneider are organizing a chapter there

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Hi Prosper - we do have an active chapter. We meet virtually 2 times a month on Tuesdays. Email me at: or our chapter email: and I can add you to our email list for meeting reminders. We would love to have ya. Our next meeting is Tuesday Dec. 29th at 730PM CST – Jen

Hi! I’m in Chicago and looking to organize with local union members.

@justineade92 you should connect with @Jennifer_Lezan!!

Thanks Winter! connected with Justine last week!

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Hi Victoria here from Evanston! As a 62 yr old, who has 160k in debt, and has lived her ENTIRE adult life (since the 1980s) with student loan debt, I am ready to speak out, take action and be a spokesperson for our cause. I am so done and so tired of the injust system. Where do I begin? How do I begin? I already contacted local gov. folks to no avail. I am serious! I am willing to be a spokesperson for our cause. As a pioneer of this issue, I know the time is NOW. Can anyone help in getting me started on getting this old woman’s voice heard at Capitol Hill?