Change Loan Policies

I was wondering if the Debt Collective does any lobbying, petitioning, or protesting for new regulations around loan repayments for student debt? My hope would be that the debt is at some point cancelled, but until that happens I think it would be beneficial to fight for updated regulations that ease the burden of debt. One example would be if they raised the limit on the tax deduction for student loan payments. As of 2020 the limit for loan deduction is $2500, but if you paid more than this in the 2019 tax year, you should be given more of a deduction on your taxable income. Since minimum payments are required to maintain your credit and avoid penalties, I think it’s very reasonable to say that the amount I have to pay each month should be factored into the tax burden. Another possibility would be to mandate an interest rate reduction for making consistent payments. People who consistently make on time payments prove to be less of a risk over time and should be rewarded for that with a reduced cost of borrowing.

Those are just my thoughts but I’m wondering if anybody else has any thoughts on that.