CARES Act, coming out of DTR forbearance or opting out?

So with the new CARES act, I got a letter from my lender saying they were putting my loans into forbearance as the federal gov’t outlined with the new 6 month plan. Can we ask someone at Harvard Law if we should call and “opt out” because we are all in DTR status (administrative forbearance with our Defense to Repayment - for me now going on past 4 years)? It’d be nice to have some of the interest removed, but in reality, we want it all wiped away, not just the interest for these fraud schools. I would like professional input on this please! Do we have someone that can speak to this? Should I leave it alone, or make them put it back in administrative forbearance with my DTR case?

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Hi @Mvmkoster, there is no need to opt-out. Nothing about this six month moratorium on payments/interest will interfere with the DTR process.

Ok, thank you! Was worried it wouldn’t go BACK into DTR status when this is over…we still want them to rule on our cases.

There has just been a settlement in the Sweet v. DeVos case.

Bottomline is that all pending DTRs must now have a final decision within the next 18 months. So you won’t have to wait forever to hear back.

If they deny your application, or if they only grant you a partial discharge, there will likely be future legal challenges, I just don’t know what those would look like or how long they will take yet. Just know that we are expecting to have to fight them tooth and nail for every penny of justice and that a denial is not the end of the fight.