Can't Find Who Owns Student Loan

Hello all! Long time no post but I have a question in regards to a student loan debt of a family member of mine. She called four different student loan servicers (they forwarded her to each other) in order to find out who currently possesses her loan after she got out of default. But no one seems to be able to provide a straight answer. A lien have been put on her wages but my understanding is if a servicer cannot prove they own your loan they shouldn’t be able to after you about it. She’s currently looking to clear up her debts so she can retire in peace in a few years and her student loan debt is one of her largest obstacles.

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Hi @lmacknight,

Do you know if these are federal student loans or private student loans?

If these are federal student loans, you should be able to log into the National Student Loan Data System. This will list all of your family member’s federal student loans, and if you expand the information on each individual loan it will say who the current servicer is. You can then contact that servicer to carry on.

If this is a private student loan your family member’s best bet would be to pull their credit report and and find the debt listed on the credit report. Each debt (whether it is good standing or not) should be listed with complete contact info for the company. You can request your free credit report here:

If none of these options work, the next step would be to contact their employer’s HR department. If there is some kind of paperwork about a threatened or actual wage garnishment, there should be information about who is placing that wage garnishment and how to contact them.

I hope this helps.