Cancel ALL student loan debt: week of action!

Hey @Biden100 & @student_debt -

Did you hear Joe Biden’s befuddled answer to cancelling student loan debt recently? When pressed at his recent Town Hall Meeting about canceling $50K of student loan debt, the President rambled that he didn’t think he could and confused many – including, it seems, his Press Secretary, who clarified the very next day saying they were looking into it. And his party, with Senators Schumer and Warren issuing a statement clarifying he does have the authority and calling on him to do it. We’re not going to let President Biden’s confusion stop our momentum or end our campaign. If anything, his response and then the conflicting responses from others show that our fight is working, and that if we keep building pressure and being loud, we can win full cancellation.

That’s why we’re taking action. On March 29 - April 2, debt strikers, members, allies and others in our communities will be taking action in our local communities and online for our big week of action. We’ll be asking that Biden and the Democrats fulfill their promise to all of us to cancel student loan debt – and demanding that it’s ALL of it.

Sign up to join our week of action now!

In order to change Biden’s mind, we’re going to need numbers. We need your voice to win! Sign up to attend the local event in your area, and if there’s no event, sign up to host one. You can also RSVP for our virtual event to join us to take online action during the week!

We know that the Democrats will only respond to pressure, and that we need to raise visibility of our campaign to make sure they know how important it is to all 45 million of us who have student loan debt and the millions more who are impacted in our families and communities. If the President Biden can’t see how this is an important issue for all of us that could do so much, we need to show him.

Check out our action map, sign up to attend the one in your area, and if there isn’t one, sign up to host an event in your area! All events will be covid safe, and if you’re interested in organizing your own, you’ll be provided with support through our local action working group. Events can be as small as you and a friend or two dropping a petition off at your local Representative’s office or having a small, socially distanced gathering in your local area with signs – or as big as large press events with speakers! And sign up to join our virtual event here.

And want to get more involved in the campaign? Don’t forget to join our upcoming calls & events! Check out our calendar & sign up for campaign updates, trainings & more here!

And looking for ideas or help organizing an action? Check out our local action toolkit & tip sheet & join our awesome local action working group!