Can You Avoid Student Debt By Moving to Canada?

I was hoping someone could provide me with resources or advice about avoiding my student debt repayment since I have permanently relocated to Canada. I have read conflicting information online about whether collection agencies have made financial arrangements with Canadian banks to automatically withdraw delinquent funds. I have also had a very hard time finding lawyers or financial advisors with expertise on this question. I do not plan on returning to the U.S. What would be the potential consequences if I stopped paying back my loan?

I am the author of the e-book, How to Escape Student Debt by Leaving the USA, which is available on Kindle

It is extremely difficult for the US government to collect on defaulted student debts in Canada. Essentially, you have a clean slate. The debt will continue to grow in the US and it will be a problem if you return. However, if you remain in Canada, then you are free.

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