Can you ask to validate a debt too early?


Came across this and wondered what others though? -

what’s the advantage of validating the debt before you’re being sued? It just seems like you’re helping the agency get all their paperwork together so they’ll know in the future they have a solid case. If they try to sue and you force them to prove the debt is valid, and it’s changed hands 5 or 6 times, isn’t it more likely they’ll just drop it?

Curious what others think on this? I kind of agree in that requesting debt validation as late in the game as possible is probably best. Thoughts?


We already got sued for cc debt after failing to dispute beforehand. They filed a motion to dismiss without prejudice and now they are coming after us again with letters to settle the debt. So we have now disputed it. Waiting on their response. I imagine they don’t have the necessary documentation since they already dismissed their previous suit.


I will say that it wasn’t just one court date. We went to 4 different ones. First time the judge wasnt there. 2nd time the other party wanted more time to send us paperwork 3rd time we requested a jury hearing. 4th time they dismissed it. Now they are trying to collect again. So… its a process, but we have been sort of successfully fighting it for almost a year now.

I don’t think you can dispute too early. This will give you a chance to see what documentation they actually have, which can help you decide on a strategy.


Hi @Insipidus
These are good questions to ask for discussion. What I will say is that, here at the debt collective, we are not attorneys and we are also doing something that really has not been done before.

Organizing debtors and equipping them with tools to exercise their rights. as a debtor. One of these rights IS to demand proof that the debt is legitimate and the company can legally collect this debt.

There is not enough information to give a fixed answer to this question. There are a lot of factors involved. It is my belief that any debt in collections should be disputed. Can this helps a company ‘get their paperwork together’ for a law suit? This is not the case in what I have seen to date. For the small few that have been sued… that was going to happen regardless and the company was ready with our without a dispute filed.

Hope that helps.

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