Can I Sue Debt Collector For Illegal Garnishment

Is it possible to sue the debt collector for illegally garnishing my paycheck? I submitted my borrower defense applications October 2016, clicked on the box that said to put my loans into forebearance, and my applications were not finalized to a denied status until May/June 2020.

The debt collector garnished my paychecks August 2017 thru March 2018 and put me into a loan rehabilitation program from March 2018 thru September 2018.

Can I sue the debt collector? I need help.


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Hi @PR90057,

I’m going to send you a DM to follow up about this. It would be super useful to get all of the documentation you have about this and have it reviewed by some lawyers. There are some lawyers who are looking into exactly this question, but I don’t have a firm answer for you on whether or not this is possible. More research is needed, just know that some people are looking into it.

Look for my DM. Let’s take a closer look.