Can I Dispute A Collections Account If I Already Made Payments To Them?


I’ve been in a mad dash to get my credit score back to a semi-decent level, but I have one particular collections account that is extremely large and is really hurting me each month. It hasn’t shown up on my credit report yet and I’ve been paying to show that I’m on top of it, but that was before I found out that I can dispute with the information from this site. I’m going to try and go through the motions to dispute, but my question…can I still dispute if I already started making payments? I really hope it isn’t too late since I just learned this information.

Thank You!

You can fight that private debt here:

They handle most all types of debt here, focusing on particularly bad actors in some cases.

You can also petition the credit reporting agencies to take it off your credit report and simply stop paying and fight any collection efforts.

You can read the debt resisters operations manual to learn how to best fight debt in general. But know there are credit hurting risks to some of this.

Thank you! I’ll update with my progress.