BREAKING: Education Department Officials Secretly Rigged Process to Deny Borrower Defense Applications for Debt Relief

Was your claim denied? This is likely why. New development in the Sweet v. DeVos case (now Sweet v. Cardona)

New evidence has emerged that the U.S. Department of Education not only illegally delayed processing borrower defense claims, but created a sham process designed to deny borrowers debt relief regardless of evidence.


Evidence doesn’t matter if you file outside the time limits stated in the regulations or don’t meet the actual defenses which are strict. Yes, just like Disability claims, they automatically deny all first applications.

That is an apples to oranges comparison. You completely missed the point. Did you even bother to read the article? Sounds like you didn’t. A judge even called DeVos’ handling of BDRs kafkaesque.

I read it. Devos didn’t do that given it’s been that way since 2005, remains that way and won’t change.