Borrower discharge success?


Has anyone had success getting their loan discharged through the Borrower discharge program? is there a better way to get our loans discharged?


@Ed1979 What school did you attend and borrow loans for?


Hi Dawn, I went to Ridley lowell, they closed April of last year.


Are you familiar with Closed school Discharge?

Check here and see if you qualify


Waiting since 2015. Loans are in administrative foreclosure since 9/2015.
There is a conference call next week .


Hi yea, i graduated in 2010, the the reason why im looking into discharging my loans now is because until i found an email that details the specifics of my situation all i had was my word.


Some Corinthian students have but the process has been stalled and drawn out under the current administration so we still need to organize to win relief.