Borrower Defense to Repayment website is down

I would like to know if anyone else is having problems submitting your Borrower Defense to Repayment application on the Department of Education website. I have been trying to send it for two months, saying, “The site is down; try later.
It may be useful to go to the site and then upload your saved petition. The link above is active today.

i had the same issue for months. i decided to download a copy, type in, print, and mail in. i had issues with printing last 5 pages. so i took a screen shot and put into a pdf to print. also check everything before you mail in. some fields blanked out during printing. there are embedded macros in the doc…

I have tried it over and over and it says the same thing every time. The website is having issues. Try back later. I printed out the entire application and I am taking it to the post office on Monday.

Thank you for your help

I appreciate your help. I printed out two copies and I am mailing it tomorrow morning.