Borrower defense discharge ineligibility --> Parent plus loan

A tragic-comedy

The U.S. Department of Education has determined that my mother’s parent plus loan that she co-signed is ineligible for discharge. I knew this would happen, it’s an easy cop-out since it’s not the parent that actually attended the for profit institution. I had to use the evidence from my application when i did hers, but at the time as i was filling hers out it made no sense to use my evidence, but what evidence can a co-signer really have?
I have absolutely no hope for this coming election.
I don’t even know if it is worth the time to write them for reconsideration.
They said i failed to provide adequate evidence. and will not accept new evidence.

Quick summary

Borrower Defense Application #: 000000

Dear -------------

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) has completed its review of your application under the applicable Borrower Defense to Repayment regulations for discharge of your William D. Ford Federal Direct Loans (Direct Loans) made in connection with your or your child’s enrollment at a brick-and-mortar Westwood College campus in Georgia, Virginia, California, or Illinois. “You” as used here should be read to include your child if you are a Direct PLUS Loan borrower who requested a discharge for loans taken out to pay for a child’s enrollment at Westwood College. ED has determined that your application is ineligible for relief based on review of the facts of your claim and the regulatory criteria for relief; this decision means that your Direct Loans will not be discharged. ED explains the reasons below.

What evidence was considered in determining my application’s ineligibility?

We reviewed evidence provided by you and other borrowers who attended your school. Additionally, we considered evidence gathered from the following sources:

Evidence obtained by the Department in conjunction with its regular oversight activities
IL Attorney General’s Office
Westwood internal training and policy documents

Ugh so frustrating with them. They are mass denying everyone so don’t feel as this is personal.

I would refile and reword your claim plus add some state and federal statutes for consumer protection laws that were broken against the school.

I don’t know much about Westwood but I thought their was a lawsuit relating to guilt of fraud (if my brain serves me right).

Check out the website “way back machine” and see if there are cached versions of their website showing other violations (like misrepresentation of job claims or partnerships).

Is there a FB group as well where there may be files to use?


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Thanks for the reply and info about wayback.
I’ll check it out and plan my next move.

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Remember that Sweet vs DeVos is challenging the mass denials too as the doe isn’t actually reading our evidence and cases. If the doe has to redo denials after April 20th, you may fall under that too.

If you do refile, that should put the loans back into forbearance.

Good luck!

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