Borrower Defense Application

I’m looking for help filling out my borrower defense application. My school is on the list. Does anyone know a lawyer or paralegal that can help me fill it out?

Ross University School of Medicine

Excellent question. I would love the name of a legal firm that deals with these issues.
My school was also named in the HELP Senate Hearing that recognized scam school practices and predatory lending.
I filed borrowers defense to repayment, but without legal representation, my experience was not favorable.
The DOE claimed that I attended an entirely different school!
I have lost hope.

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If your school is considered one of the known predatory schools you can probably do it yourself.

I filled out mine on my own and my debt was forgiven.

However, the school was on the list and I am in Illinois, which has been fighting for this for quite some time. So that might be why it was easy for me to do it and get it forgiven. It only took a few months.

I don’t know if you have read over the forms yet but it’s very straightforward.

You might want to do that as a first step and then get a lawyer to help with further assistance if needed.

But if it’s more complex, it might be smart to find someone in your city/state.

I was living in Seattle until recently and found a lawyer who said she could help if I needed it.

Just wanted to say that I was able to that on my own and it did work- so maybe you can too.

What questions do you have about the form?


Thanks for the reply.

I need supporting documents mostly and I want to know what I should say. There are a lot of grievances I have with the school.

I’m in Georgia but I lived in Illinois for 6 years and consider Chicago to be my home. I don’t know why I was late to learn of this program. I guess I wasn’t plugged into the right things.

I think it’s only something that’s been available for the past few years.

If it helps, I filled out my document and then just told my story in the part where they ask you to.

For me it was a school that was intentionally deceptive about how much of a scholarship I was getting. I had no idea how much I was signing up for and they actually hid it from me.

When I got my first statement I just bawled my eyes out and quit the program shortly after. It was a post bachelor thing so I already had a ton of debt. I thought I was getting a scholarship that was going to cover most of my schooling but I actually got signed up for an 18k loan.

Anyway, I think the key for this is just being detailed about what they did to you, how they tricked you, and the aftermath of the debt.

But there are lawyers who only work on student loan debt. It takes a little time but they are out there and who can help you. Don’t give up.

I’ll look through my emails and see if I can find the lawyer in Seattle for you if you can’t find someone. She was really nice and didn’t charge me for a consult. (Also she wasn’t like a sleazy- get-out-of- debt-ambulance-chaser.)

Hi all - I’m an organizer with Debt Collective - there is a specific facebook group dedicated to the borrowers defense specifically the lawsuit - Sweets vs Cardona that you may have heard of. Keep in mind many of us have been waiting on decisions for years - this has been around for quite some time - some people as long as 5-7 years. The lawsuit is only the current iteration of this — you will be able to connect with others as well as access documentation others have organized based on school you attended. You can access it here- Borrower Defense- Sweet vs Cardona | Facebook also please note the important thing is getting your application in - yes it always helps to have supporting evidence but these schools already have been found to be guilty. Get your application in share your story and that is the bare minimum you need to do. If you want evidence check out the facebook group and make sure to check out the tagged posts first before you ask question as they have helpful information that often answers the questions people have as they fill out the app. Hope this helps! - Jen

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So you don’t need a lawyer or any paid organization to fill out the app - any company that states they can get your loans cancelled and fill out the app for a fee is a scam.

As long as you get your app in before august 4th which is the next hearing for the sweet vs. cardona case - you WILL BE considered part of the post class. Just get Your app in.

I’m a paralegal! For transparency, I don’t work in that type of law at all, but I’m definitely willing to take a look and fill out the form for some people. Unfortunately, my school is not on the list so I haven’t looked at it yet.