BORROW Defense ineligible

Just received an email that says my student loans are ineligible for discharge.

Has anyone else received any correspondence?

Nothing yet for me, still waiting. What school did you attend?

Devry University.

Who is your loan servicer?

Great Lakes

ineligible for discharge-- did you get a thorough explanation? They do a break down as to why? Did you compile evidence against the school for defrauding you?

Yes I got two different denial descriptions; “Failure to State A Legal Claim” and “Ineligible”.

My program was outside the dates certified by ED so that is where my “Ineligible” denials occur.

I got the “Failure to State a Legal Claim” on the questions where my evidence does not support ED’s decision to have my loans forgiven even when I stated that ED found evidence of Heald College Honolulu graduates working at Taco Bell causing ED to close downt the school. I couldn’t apply for closed school discharge because my attendance dates were outside the period that ED certified so I had only the general BDR application to apply for. Did that and still got denied.

There are students who are eligible for the closed school discharge that are getting denied as well. I feel strongly that the Department of Education is denying all student loan forgiveness applications, even when students are clearly eligible for 100% forgiveness, and because of this, the law will change in our favor so we just have to be patient. Since the law is seeing zero application approvals, something is not adding up because you cannot deny all students. It’s like the IRS not paying federal tax refunds to all tax payers, even when some tax payers do qualify, the IRS is still denying them. Same thing with ED, they are denying 99% of BDR application filings.

Either a new law will go into effect or the current and pending class action lawsuits will succeed. In the Sweet Vs. Devos lawsuit, ED needs to report how many applications were approved or denied every 3 months, the judge will see 1% approvals and 99% denials, and the judge will see that something is up. You cannot approve around 1000 applications and deny 169,000 applications out of 170,000 applications.

The Department of Education needs to be thrown in jail along with all the people who own student loan collection agencies and have ties to Betsy DeVos. Betsy needs to be thrown in jail too! Well, she almost got thrown in jail October 2019 for violating student loan forgiveness laws. Read that here:

Good luck to all of us!

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We will all win this regardless. Let’s be real here, this society is on the verge of collapse all this stupid money printing the fed is doing to prop up the economy is not helping anyone, it’s just devaluing the dollar, and look at all the social upheavals going on, something will have to give. Yes, you’re right patience is key, look at how useless higher education is now during this pandemic, many want their money back because they argue that, they didn’t pay for college to take online classes, but what can they do? The “plandemic” shutdown/closures is government mandated. I see many colleges shutting down in the near future due to this horrible economic atmosphere many have hypothesized this as well.
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