Boomer debt and retirement future

I am a disabled Desert Storm veteran who went to a for profit college on the old Montgomery GI bill, and still took out loans that I have tried to pay off since 7/1999. At 8.5% interest, they are still owed. As one of the last baby boomers who is still too young to retire and will have my social security garnished for non-payment, I don’t know what else to do. I have never had a great job, mental health problems have led to job losses and lower earnings than I might have made.


Hi @Chrysiarose,

I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with this.

I would recommend filing a borrower defense to repayment here:

That should temporarily stop your social security from being garnished.

Depending on your income level, it might be possible to get into one of the income driven repayment plans that keep your monthly payment at $0. It depends on a number of factors. Your servicer would be the ones to go over your options, but it can get complicated.

You can join our student debt strike here:

And get organized to fight for a jubilee and free college here: Organizing to win College For All