Biden Owes Philly: Cancel Student Debt Rally

WHEN: 6 p.m. Monday, January 4, 2021

WHERE: Biden Campaign Headquarters - 1500 Market St. Philadelphia PA 19102

Joe Biden can cancel ALL federal student loan debt on Day 1 of his presidency. But he won’t do that without grassroots pressure.

Come out to Biden HQ January 4 and let’s make him feel that pressure. We’ll have speakers from the Philadelphia community, candles, cow bells, and music!!

Hosts/Co-sponsors: The Debt Collective, The Black and Brown Coalition of PHL, BLM Philly, Racial Justice Organizing Committee, Philly DSA, BLM Week of Action Philly, LILAC, Philly Sunrise, Philadelphia Student Union, Philly Boricua

RSVP and/or volunteer!

Context: With Joe Biden’s recent election, there has been a wave of media attention surrounding whether or not he will cancel student debt. We need to maximize the pressure on Biden to cancel ALL federal student loan debt. Doing so will keep over $11 billion in the pockets of Philadelphia residents and provide economic relief during this unprecedented crisis.
Details: This action will be a socially-distanced rally in front of Joe Biden’s Philadelphia Headquarters. We will provide signs for people to write and display their student debt amount, masks, red cow bells and candles. We will have a series of speakers representing the community in Philadelphia as well as live music to announce and celebrate the jubilee (the cancellation of debts). The action will center and highlight the racialized impacts of student debt on a local level.
Speakers: Confirmed speakers at this event include Kendra Brooks and will include the voices of students, parents and teachers struggling with student debt.