Biden 100 - debt, debt and more debt

Hi All,

Im in my 30s and over 200K in debt from my masters degree. I started with a little over 100K and it more than DOUBLED over time. So I am in the high debt crowd for which 50K forgiveness will do NOTHING for except clamp down on some interest. I want full cancellation.

My decision to not pay down debt was after failing to do so so many times that I decided to focus on saving myself from housing insecurity instead by saving cash because the bank would not give me a home loan, and buying into a co-op, something i highly recommend and am happy to talk to people about. I am now no longer housing unstable but still have this crazy debt lying over my head. I also abandoned my career to pay for my home and am now still a junior architect 8 years later, which just further delayed my ‘career’ or whatever is left of it.

The thing that makes me saddest however, is that I am actually making money - money that could be put to better use starting a business or at least helping people in my neighborhood, where the average income is probably no more than $30k a year. Instead I am ‘hoarding’ to pay debt, debt i will never be able to pay.

This year I stopped hoarding because I know that people like me really need to be let ‘loose’ of this debt not only for ourselves but to start businesses and help our communities. If the students of america are doing badly, imagine those that dont get to go to school at all. I know that cancelling debt will help not just us but everyone. People are starving this year! The food bank lines are going around the corner. And I am tired of giving out grocery bags, when I could actually give out $1000 out of my bank account, IF I WERE ONLY FREED FROM THIS DEBT.

Unfortunately I cannot make most of the meetings, as my work holds me hostage past 6pm, and i cannot afford to lose my job at this time. If there is any way I can help out on the weekends - please let me know. I would like to help but have had difficulty with the meeting times, so not sure what to do.


Hi @Lucienne_Canet, thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m sorry that you are having to deal with all of this. You are not alone (and you are not a loan!)

I’m glad to be organizing with you. We really can win a massive cancellation soon and it would transform so many lives.


Thank you Thomas! I am glad to be organizing for this as well. I am tired of arguing over which candidate to vote for and other such quibbles. We need to come together on an issue and just hammer it out no matter who is elected. Looking forward to see what’s next!

You are not alone. 187k in debt and ive been a public school teachers since the 1990s over 21 years now and im with you cancelation!

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Student debt is just another way that the top 1% keeps the rest of society at the bottom of the pecking order and themselves on top. Lucienne, you should be very proud of your decision to put your money where it actually matters. It’s not easy to make that choice, especially with those figures hanging over your head.

Keep it up, and do not give up hope on abolishing this abominable student debt system. We can’t be ignored forever if enough people speak up and put their feet down.