Betsy DeVos got grilled today about how the Department of Education treated a member of the Debt Collective


Today the Education and Labor committee in the House of Representatives held oversight hearings where Betsy DeVos testified. The Debt Collective sent some information to the Ed & Labor committee about the many ways the Department of Education continues to harm our members. One of our Debt Collective members is @Nadine_stewart. Despite filing a DTR years ago she has had her wages improperly garnished by ECMC and had her account improperly put back into collection. Today Betsy DeVos got grilled about how the Department of Education handled her situation.


The relevant spot starts around 4 hours and 26 minutes in. Not sure if the link to the video is taking people to the right spot or not.


Here is a list of all of the members of the Ed and Labor committee:

If you happen to live in one of these member’s districtics (especially the Dems, because the Reps just aren’t going to be interested in helping you) please identify yourself.

We need to organize constituents in this district and make sure each member on this committee really knows and understands what is going on.


The list of reps didnt link


Thanks for catching this @Ami_Schneider

I think my brain is so fried today I forgot to actually add it. I’ve edited the reply to add it, but you can also get it here: