Betsy DeVos Doesn't Like Cancelling Student Debts!

Hi folks,

“With Extreme displeasure” – that’s how Betsy DeVos personally approved loan discharges for around 16,000 Corinthian students whose borrower defense claims were granted in final days of Obama admin but not actually carried out by Inauguration Day.

(Obama’s people should have taken care of this, and they didn’t. But at least we get to enjoy Betsy’s displeasure!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: she should have left that comment to herself.


What a BEACH!! that proves that the system is not only broken, But rigged AGAINST us!! She is fighting against people that have been wronged and making our lives difficult, and she says it’s to protect the tax payers, who the hell does she think is paying the FREAKING taxes!!:angry::angry::angry:


Seriously, she incriminated herself. Went out of her way to do it too! If she wrote that on every single discharge her hands must of been killing her!!


Her family owns a student loan repayment company and makes millions off of people paying student loans. When are there going to be actual regulations and common sense attributes for people in positions of power, i.e. you cannot run the department of education if you have no background in education, only believe in charter schools, and your family profits from a student loan repayment company. Kind of like how can you hire someone to be in charge of the EPA that has a historical record of suing the EPA.


Are you serious? WOW…

That should be part of the lawsuit against her. That’s a HUUUUGE conflict of intsrest.