BD application website error code

It appears the DOE has a bad glitch in their BD application on their website.

After attempting to complete a new BD application on 2 different occasions, it appears the site produces an error code after you hit submit.

I spent a few hours answering their stupid questions only to get to the end and press submit. I hit the button and the site states error and the application is forever lost.

It’s not submitted, it doesn’t save in your profile and if you hit save and exit, it’s pops the error code. It’s as if the DOE doesn’t want us to apply or reapply… blame it on the IT I’m sure.

I’ve saved copies on my end but this is some sneaky stuff.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Hi @Alicia_Davis1,

I haven’t encountered this problem before. Is it still happening? If so, can you document it with a screenshot and post it here?

It might be a good idea to draft all of your answers in a separate word doc or google doc so that if the problem happens again you aren’t losing all of your answers and can just copy and paste.

But if this is a continuing issue and not just a temporary glitch, we should document and let the lawyers at Harvard know and maybe file a formal complaint with the CFPB or the Department of Education, or your member of congress. Let’s document all of the ways the Department of Education is failing students.

Thanks, Thomas. I have notified my contacts at Harvard about it. I haven’t attempted to fill out the application a 3rd time as it takes a little bit of time. I will try again this weekend. If it happens again, the angry emails will be pushed out.