Back Against the Wall


Maybe I should wait until after I know who our President is going to be in 2021 (which may be within the next 24 hours) to post these thoughts, but then, I am not sure how much difference that will make. I was just laid off last week and to my horror, found out I may not get that first week of unemployment benefits (it’s a continuing claim). As it is, my “plan” is to pay a bunch of bills on credit, until they are maxed out, and in the meantime prepare to file for bankruptcy before the shit really hits the fan.

I know I’ll be able to get everything other than student loans discharged, but that’s the thing–I have a bankruptcy from 11 years ago. I can do another one after 10 years, but the thought of going through it a 2nd time and STILL not getting the student debt discharged is just…uggggghhh. (my student debt is 16 years old)

Biden has made sounds about forgiving some debt, but I hear different things and I’m tired of never getting a consistent answer. Plus, how do we know what he’s going to do if and when he gets in? Conventional wisdom is that he’s more likely to do something than Trump, and that seems very likely, but I heard Trump has made rumblings, too. (What would be his incentive to do that, though if he’s re-elected?)

That’s why I wanted Bernie, of course, or Warren if we couldn’t have Bernie. (Turns out we can’t have nice things in this country. Who would have thought.)

So, I don’t know what to do, just that things are about to get scary for me, and I would welcome any advice or firsthand experience with this.

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No matter who wins, things are going to get scary for everyone, except the super elite that are hiding away on their own islands or isolated bunkers. I have said many times before in my previous posts, what the heck makes student loans so special that it cannot be discharged through bankruptcy? I was laid off back in NoV 2016 and did not find a job until 2018, making less now, but anything is better than nothing. I hustled a lot, maybe try amazon, they’re constantly hiring, try that until something else comes around.
And let us not forget, Trump he had to settle debt with defrauded students who went to Trump University. And he has many bankruptcies.

I don’t hate the guy, but he’s just another puppet, like the rest of them.
Again, I ask what makes student loans so special, that it cannot be thrown into the bankruptcy basket?
Of course it be too easy right? They don’t want that, the Government wants us shackled to them for an eternity.
Do as I say, not as I do.

Hi! Thank you for responding; sorry for the late reply. Yes, I know, I don’t feel the visceral hate for Trump hate that most people I know do. I think he’s awful, but also a symptom/product of our dysfunctional political system (the EC, among many others).

(and now he’s being replaced with a depressingly neoliberal hack…seems like we should have higher standards.) But in any case, good points.

I just posted a few hours ago, wondering: Is there any amount of pressure that would push Biden toward serious debt forgiveness? (I was going to say “complete” but that seems like a long shot.) Millions in the streets on inauguration day? BEFORE inauguration day? (and if not in the streets, anything else? Petitioning seems pretty ineffective, unless it’s in the millions, maybe).

I just don’t know.