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This is a space where we will post information specifically for Art Institute students. Art Institutes was sold to a non-profit entity called Dream Center and is now in the process of closing down schools.


Does anyone have any facts or information that can help the art institute student get release by borrowers defense? Looking for facts and the best way to clear the scammed debt that this college brought upon us?


Hi @Mjct11692
I’m checking with other members that might have information relative to your question.

What is the information going to be used for? Have you filled a DTR application for relief?



I attended the Art Institute Online of Pittsburgh from 2002-2005 and 2007-2009. I have my AS in Graphic Design, and switched to Web Design and Interactive Media. I had to withdraw because I moved out of state and could never go back to finish because they said I owed for a class I didn’t take. Well, I tried for a whole year to get that taken care of and gave up. Then tried again in 2014 but got no where. Last month (Jan. 2019) I started the process of reenrolling but then got notification that they were no longer accepting returning students.

I consolidated all of my student loans back in 2006-2007. The figures never added up and the entire process of getting my financial ledger from the school or Sallie Mae was extremely difficult so I gave up and just consolidated everything. Now the figures from the return still aren’t adding up and since Navient took over for Sallie Mae, it has just been a nightmare to deal with. I have been in a continual forbarence.

When I graduated first, I never got any assistance with job placement because I lived in Ohio and not in Pittsburgh, is what the school told me. I was left to fend for myself. When I finally did launch my career, I felt like there was so much that I missed out on or wasn’t taught. I never to this day make enough money to adequately pay for my student loans. I tried for 10 years to go back to get my Bachelors just so that I would be able to make more money to maybe pay on my loans. It never happened.

So now the school is closing. I can try to go to another school but from what I hear, few if any of my credits will transfer. I am too old to start fresh and cannot take on that ungodly amount of debt. I am at a total loss. I have been studying on the Borrower Defense program but am so overwhelmed with what I need to submit. I have all of my original paperwork from 2002 on… catalogs, promissary notes, I have it all!

Where do I start and what do I need to submit my Borrower Defense???


Hi and Welcome
The DTR form is here:

Let us know if you have questions. You are not a loan.


Thank you, I have the link to there. My concern is what evidence do I submit?


Thank you so much! Have you found anything? And yes, I do plan to file a DTR. Me and my boyfriend.


Your personal experience is your best evidence. Honestly, you don’t need documents, etc. If you have them then include them. But otherwise just telling your story with as much detail as you can is all you need to do .