Art Institute of Atlanta


Is anyone here in the city of Atlanta? We need organizers for a special project that will directly impact the campus and current staff.


Hey Justin!

I am the current admin for the Atlanta group (and you added me as an admin to your group). I jumped off Facebook for a min, but I am in Atlanta.

I am still in the area. What did you have in mind? Also, it would be great to connect with someone in the area who is also going through this.

Thank you,



My daughter is here. I received a Parent Plus Loan for her and they allowed her to take classes without passing prerequisites. By the time I caught it, I incurred a $30,000 bill. I made her withdraw.


Hi Pamela,

Do you think you and your daughter would be able to join our tam fight to destroy AI once and for all. We plan to bring the noise at every event and stop every attempt that that they make at adding new students. We also want to start a weekly conference call where we can talk out ideas and organize to accomplish these goals. We wont stop until every AI campus is shut down.



I also have Parent Plus loans, in addition to my AI loan of $70k. My daughter dropped out of school after her third year and went into forbearance - but guess who gets stuck with the loan? Yep.