Anyone use the DOE Ombudsman Group to dispute wrong credit reporting


After giving the BD hotline a call and speaking to one of the reps, I was instructed to contact the DOE Ombudsman Group to dispute the negative defaults reported by ECMC during my pending BD application. The DOE rep noted that ECMC should not have been reporting default on my credit during the decision process. Now that I have consolidated, the loans are “paid in full” but have 4 years of a defaulted negative report for all 7 loans. I asked the rep if the DOE were going to provide a letter to ECMC or myself, to have all of the reporting removed from credit to include the ECMC loans even though they were consolidated". He suggested contacting the DOE federal dispute management side, which is the Ombudsman Group.

The whole conversation was scripted, and he kept saying, “if you’re approved for full discharge, you will be notified”.