Alaska Attorney General Action


This action is for everyone who attended a for-profit school who currently lives in Alaska (so even if you used to live somewhere else or the for-profit school was located somewhere else, if you now live in Alaska this is for you).

As you probably already know, the Department of Education has been letting individual defense to repayment (DTR) applications sit on a shelf and gather dust. Many people have been waiting years for a decision on their individual application. The Department of Education’s strategy here seems to be to wait it out. They want to ignore these DTRs long enough for them to have time to rewrite the rules. Once they have rewritten the rules, they will be able to deny many more people the debt relief they deserve. At the moment we have no mechanism to force the Department of Education to actually process and make a decision on an individual DTR.

BUT, the good news is that there is another option here. The Attorney General can file a group discharge application which would cover all students who attended for-profits like Corinthian, ITT Tech, AI and other schools. Unlike an individual DTR, we do have a way to force them to respond to these group wide DTRs. In a recent court case the judge ruled that the Department of Education cannot ignore these group DTRs in the same way that they are ignoring individual DTRs.

So what we want to do is organize everyone in Alaska who has attended one of these schools to email the Attorney General’s office, and their Senator, and tell them to file a group wide DTR. We’ve created a template of for you to follow below.

After you add your story, copy and paste it into the Alaska AG Consumer complaint here:

Also copy and paste it here if Ted Cruz is your Senator :

Copy and paste it here if John Cornyn is your Senator :

Please make sure to join the Debt Collective website if you send a complaint in, so we can organize collectively around getting these loans discharged.

After you add your story, copy and paste it into an email, and send it to

MAKE SURE TO CC as we are trying to keep track of everyone sending letters.

Also copy and paste it here if Lisa Murkowskiis your Senator :

Copy and paste it here if Dan Sullivan is your Senator :

Contact other reps to ask them to push your AG to Group Wide Discharge, and find out who they all are here :