Afraid of garnishment

I work in the public sector and worry about getting garnished if I do not pay my student loans. I was on a forgiveness program that turned out to be a scam. Now it’s time to renew my payment. I am not sure what to do.

Hi Nancy, have you tried speaking with someone from direct loans, the federal government program that services student loans and their repayments? If you work in the public sector, your public student loans should qualify to be rolled into a consolidation loan under the public service repayment program. Its not a scam, but to get into the program you have to get your loan consolidated directly with the federal government. Otherwise, it wobt work. … i hope that helps you.

@nancythorson If the department of Ed created this student debt crisis. Do you really think they are interested in solving it. Sorry…not happening.
I would visit the FAQ on the student debt strike page they have some options. And depending on where you went to school, disputing your loans with the Borrower Defense Law could be an option. I would just say, consider what you are being recommended to do. Go back to the agency that crafts the plans to punish us for getting an education, or find new information and fight back.

Oh, and also since @Love really wants to encourage additionally harmful options. Remember, consolidation will ALWAYS make your principle loan balance increase. Then interest and fees are charged against the new HIGHER principle loan balance.