Action Item: Cancel Corinthian Debts!


The Debt Collective is joining with our allies at the Project on Predatory Student Lending to spread the word to former Corinthian student borrowers that they must apply for loan cancellation in order for the Department of Education to stop collecting on their loans.

Everyone in this collective who attended Corinthian must file Defense to Repayment. Please help us spread the word to former students.

With the recent injunction, the court has ordered that the Department MUST stop collecting on Corinthian students – but only if they have applied for loan cancellation. This is critical information for the many thousands of borrowers who have not yet applied and continue suffering under a mountain of fraudulent debt.

Former Corinthians so go here to apply:

If you have already applied, or just want to make sure your application was received, you can call the Borrower Defense Hotline to confirm: 855-279-6207

Please post here if you have questions of suggestions for how we can get the word out to former Corinthians.


What if people think they are"using their degree". Should they apply too?


YES! Everyone who believes they were defrauded for any reason - if if they are using their degree - should apply.


Is ITT part of Corinthian , Because I know they shut down and filed Chapter 7. But I’m still getting hounded by Peaks and DOE. I have filed A defense to repayment but have heard nothing from DOE


Hi Rick, You are not alone. Thousands are still waiting. Trump and Betsy DeVos have been stalling. Have you called the DTR hotline to confirm your application was at least received? Number is: 855-279-6207


Is there anyone here that can help answer some questions about the cancellation program? I attended in 2010, so I no longer have any of my documents, to the best of my knowledge. I don’t know what ‘proof’ I can offer towards my case. Any help?


@Thomas_Gokey do you know how Corinthian Records are accessed by former students? @Ann_Larson


Hi @SteveS801 !

In order to file a Defense to Repayment (DTR) you don’t need your paperwork. The Department of Education already has the info about which school you attended and when you were there.

The only “proof” you need to provide is your story. Describe in as much detail as you can what your school told you (about job placement rates, about the quality of education you would receive, about how much it would cost or how the loans worked, etc)

In reality the Dept of Ed already has TONS of information about law breaking by Corinthian. At this point that is not what this is about anymore. It’s about who has more power, students and debtors or the Department of Education. Filing a DTR is a great step for you to take as an individual, but in order to build real power we’re going to need to organize.



So, the web form asked for specific dates. I don’t remember when I attended, save that it was in 2010. I can leave my story and a generic date, but I’m not sure that will help.


Did you take out federal student loans to attend? If so, you could log into the National Student Loan Data System and see the dates from the loans you took out. That might give you a good ballpark. You can login to that system here:

You might also be able to do something similar with your student loan servicer. It can get a little bit tricker to determine the dates of attendance if you ever consolidated your loans.


It looks like my loans were started in May 2010. I had 4 loans, initially. It says 2 were in May and 2 were in June. It’s possible the loans were taken out then, but school did not start later. The website for cancelling the loans asked if I started after July 1, 2010. It’s possible, but I still don’t know. Am I out of luck or can I still submit the form?


Sorry, I misread that. 2 in May (FFEL Un/Sub) and 2 in September (Stafford Un/Sub).


Hi @SteveS801

You should absolutely submit a defense to repayment.

I think there are a couple of reasons why they are asking if you started after 2010. It gets a little bit complicated to explain, but borrower defense to repayment is the law and applies to anyone no matter when the start date happened. After 2010 the federal government started making direct loans. It sounds like you have some FFEL loans which would have started prior to that change.

Either way, enter in the dates of attendance as best as you can tell. I is okay to include a note later on saying that you are not 100% sure of the dates of attendance.

The most important thing is that you file your defense to repayment. We can’t make you any promises about the result, but we will fight to make sure that the Department of Education honors the law and its obligation to discharge these fraudulent student debts for former ITT students.