Accurate Info for Corinthian Student Discharge


where ARE the people who graduated 2009 and earlier in this situation? I was under the impression that we had to have been actively in school when corithian shut down…but I saw a few days ago that someone (Allison Web)said she graduated in 2009 and got a full discharge…My DTR was done with the original Corinthian 100 about 4 years ago. I’m a little confused. Can anyone clarify?


No matter when you graduated you have a right to file a DTR. The federal loan system made some dramatic changes in 2010 when all federal student loans shifted to direct loans, so there is a slightly more complicated discharge process for pre-2010 people. But you still have the right to a borrowers’ defense.

Lots of people have been waiting for years because the DOE’s strategy is to let these applications sit on the shelf and gather dust long enough for them to change the rules. We need to fight in other ways, like getting our state’s AG offices to file group wide discharges:


Thanks Thomas. I knew we were eligible to fill it out and file. I filed and physically handed in my DTR when we were in DC. And like you said they’ve been changing the rules and terms ever since. However, someone who graduated pre-2010 had their loans discharged…I graduated pre-2010, so I was curious about the difference in hers being discharged and others pre 2010 not being discharged. Or is it, just that they (DOE) can make and change the rules as they go along? Lol. Thanks for responding.


Some people who have pre-2010 loans have had their loans discharged and others have not. Some people who have loans after 2010 have had their loans discharged and others have not.

At the moment there are a few factors that come into play. Most of the loans that have been discharged are from Corinthian. The program people studied in seems to be one factor they are using. And the state they are in is also a factor (state AGs have boxed in the DOE in some cases). Another good reason why we should organize around state AGs!