About the Student Debt Collective

We are organising to win full student debt cancellation for everyone and fully fund all public schools.

We are former college students who are joining with others in our situation to fight back against student loan creditors, servicers and the federal government. Members of this collective are from across the country and from a variety of backgrounds. We are working together to plan actions, to develop debt resistance campaigns and to launch (more!) coordinated strikes. Welcome!


Is this site even active anymore??


Yes! Hi @Norma, we are organizing debt resistance!

If you haven’t joined the student debt strike already, you can do so here: strike.debtcollective.org

We are also organizing locally. If you know 3-4 friends with debt who are willing to help each other, that is all it takes to get started.

We are also brainstorming actions to pressure members of congress to cancel debt through various mechanisms (although we know they aren’t going to do this without mass civil disobedience and direct action). Organizing to win College For All


Hey everyone, I’m sorry if this is posting in the wrong place! I’m a huge debt strike supporter and also a radio journalist! And I’m trying to put together a short segment on a student debt strike. We’d also have to work COVID in to the conversation but I think its extremely relevant at the moment.

The first half of the show is about free colleges by a freelancer, and for the second half I wanted to talk about organizing and debt forgiveness. I wasn’t sure how to get in touch with any of the organizers or speakers at Debt Collective, so I thought I’d try posting.

Our website : www.radioproject.org

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Hi @salima, I’ll send you a DM.


The Borrower Defence Program denied my request stating “no legal claim filed” for all of the allegations made.

I went to a for profit college, University of Phoenix that has settled for 191 million that would go to students and 50 million to the Federal Trade Commission. Although I don’t understand why I’m not included.

The education is of no value because they are not accredited and even the curriculum and credits have been deemed substandard. As a result, my education, time and money is wasted…

There must be something we can do to stop predatory for profit colleges, that feed on middle to low incomes.

I got my email today, My quick response was “You have been mistaken again “ , which was a few degrees less than what I wanted to send.
The criminal organization in question: Kaplan…umm Brightwood… oh wait Purdue University Global ( for now) . Any suggestions?

I’m all for this group , about time we take a stand , let me no if I can do anything, tx for the add

Hello, I want to be sure you saw that we have a call about this tomorrow.

I attended a private, non-profit college and have student debt, but I firmly believe in the necessity of free public universities and want to take part in this fight even if our actions don’t directly benefit me. Is that okay, or is this really specific to people who attended public colleges?

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sucks i cant fill out the application for the loan repayment cause i attended everest before 2010

what are you referring to when you say “application for the loan repayment”?