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This topic is for folks who are part of or interested in joining the research & mapping working group!


Is this group still looking for folks? I’d definitely be interested.

Is this group “ACTIVE”? ? ? as in DIRECT ACTION on-going Research into the many forms of DEBT in which WE, our PEOPLES, are kept in servitude and subjugation by the current system of “economics” under which we “live” ? ? ?

Please, contact me (in the Mid-City 'Hood of Los Angeles) and find that I am READY! WILLING! and already actively ABLE! to contribute in any way necessary to ABOLISH ALL DEBT!


I am interested in joining. Worked formerly as a Policy Research Co-Lead for the Biden Digital Coalition and am a Gilman Alumna. Please contact me at kat@pyrampolitica.com if you are still looking for people! Thanks.

Hi all, I’m looking to help with this working group. I’ve worked in higher education for six years and am excited about possibly being a part of a group focused on policy and research. If this is active, please contact me - robbie.williford@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance!

Hola! I’m looking to get involved in any capacity - francescavsantos@gmail.com
Solidarity, xox

If this working group is in need of anyone, I’d love to help out!

Very interested in this group if it reactivates!

Hi I’m interested in joining this working group! I’ve worked in higher ed, just finishing my Phd, also have six years policy research experience in reproductive rights but transferable skills! anna.carella@gmail.com