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I am in Florida and wanted to connect with other organizers in FL.

Looking to connect with the local Philadelphia chapter…

@krys.j1909 please email winter@debtcollective.org and lauren@debtcollective.org to get involved in local Debt Collective work in Philadelphia!

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Hello, is there a working group in the Cleveland area? If not, I’d like to help create one. How do I go about doing that?

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Looking to begin organizing in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Hey hey,

I’m in northern NJ.

I’ve dealt with student debt in the past which was minimal compared to most people’s.
That said, I was a member of Union 1199 (now SEIU 1199) for three years and am living in Cleveland.
I bring a strong background to this group, including research, legal strategies, and organization.
I have no idea if there are members or chapters in Cuyahoga County, metropolitan Cleveland.
Please contact as I would like to play a constructive role now that I’m officially a Senior…