$245,000 in Debt from Undergrad Pilot School Looking For Options

Hello all as the title states I am a recent graduate of Kent State University about $245,000 in student loan debt. About $205,000 of this is private and the rest is federal. I did not stupidly spend any of it, but rather put it towards my education. With my average interest rate around 10.5% my monthly payments are in the ballpark of $2500 a month minimum. I am currently 24 and have just went out to get my first real job as a pilot, but unfortunately bring home $1500 or so a month for the time being.

Luckily, my dad helped cosign my loans, but we are having a very hard time coming to terms to pay these off. I pay probably $1900 in interest charges alone per month and I feel like I will never escape this.

Does anyone have any tips of how I can either try to fight this or lower my payments?


Dispute the private student loans (probably won’t work, but worth doing anyway) Dispute a Private Student Loan — The Debt Collective

Look into getting your cosigner released. Might not be possible, but if it is at all possible the fewer people on the hook here the better.