2 quick PSLF qs: consolidation with RECENT loans, and contesting inelligible payments

2 quick questions!!

Background: I have 2 loans- undergrad (12 PSLF payments remaining) and graduate (112 PSLF payments remaining). Since the pandemic, I no longer work for a qualifying employer.

  1. If I consolidate my undergrad and grad loans, will I have 12 or 112 remaining PSLF payments?

  2. The 12 remaining payments were ones that I paid too early, or silly things like that. Is there a way to contest those and try to get them covered?

Thanks, you all are amazing!!!

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I am afraid I don’t have an answer. However, if you don’t get a reply here, you can try the PSLF page on FB which has tons of files and many knowledgeable people to help answer questions.