1800+ days Defense for repayment application

Today I called to check on my defense for repayment ‭status to the DoE. The woman I spoke to was very nice and after pulling up my account was baffled. My account was filed 8/25/2015 and it’s still in Processing. She advised this is the oldest and longest processing application that she’s seen since working there.

When I inquired why it had never been reviewed, she reached out to her supervisor and they too had no clue. Nor did they have any advice or ability to escalate. Their suggested recourse is to re-file my application.

To make matters more interesting, when asked if there was a contact that handles the applications could be reached to escalate or expedite my application, I was advised no such number or person exists that they’re aware.

I’m rooting for these lawsuits against DeVos. The DoE doesn’t seem to know what’s going on with anything.


It is so frustrating that they would tell you to file again. I would ignore that. That is bad advice and it makes me angry they would even say that.

The Department of Education’s strategy thus far has been to delay EVERYBODY. I have heard of others from 2015 who are still waiting. You aren’t the only one.

But the recent Sweet v DeVos case ended with an agreement that the Department of Education would make a final determination on all pending accounts within 18 months. So they should be getting to yours, and if for some reason they don’t that is worth documenting because it would be a violation of this settlement.

I would prepare yourself psychologically for a denial. The Department’s new strategy seems to be to deny absolutely every application except the narrow cases where the courts force them to approve, and then make this all shift back into a fight in the courts.

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Most definitely. Thank you for the information. Hopefully with the Sweet vs DeVos and the corinthians Manriquez v. DeVos that the DoE and DeVos keep that fire lit under them knowing we’re not backing down.


Thank you for sharing this with us. I would strongly encourage you to start tweeting this at your state reps, district leaders. Or consider writing to them an holding them accountable for their failed leadership in keeping the DOE on track. It is shameful how our entire .gov seems to be sleep at the helm when it comes to this nonesense the DOE is getting away with.

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