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Hi everyone I’m a little late on the news to the Borrowers Defense Fund and I really need some help. I started at AI in 2011 and graduated in 2013 with an associate’s in web development. Soon after I started AI I realized that it wasn’t worth it and I started to look into transferring. I was then told by multiple colleges that my credits were not transferable so I would have wanted my time and money I decided to tough it out. As time went by the classes and lessons being taught were not actually being thought. Google was teaching us not the teacher I can still remember asking a question and being told to google it after I told her I did goole it and I cant find the answer two hours later she got very upset and started she would find it in less than 5 minutes. Come to find out she couldn’t find the answer either and had to tell me a different way to do it. My last quarter my flash teacher actually quite in the middle of the quarter so we didn’t even have a teacher. That is just some of the problems. I was told that they would help me find a job Haha that’s a joke its 6 years later and I still dont have a job in my degree. But I still have the debt. Can anyone please help me figure out how to fill out this form I can not afford to pay these student loans nor do I think I should have to.

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Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out for more help. I will send you a message and we can coordinate a time to talk.


Thank you I messaged you back


Im in the same boat, can you nudge me in the right direction?
thank you so much for all your help with this.


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I will message you as well. we can jump on a call and go over your situation. I am happy to help.

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I started writing mine for the Hollywood location that closed recently, but I’ve already graduated years ago and I don’t necessarily qualify under their borrowers defense guidelines because of it. Am I still correct in submitting?

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YES! you can still file DTR- Borrower Defense.
Your eligibility and chance for discharge really come down to the language you use when you right the statements. You want to be very specific with ’ • ’ bullet point statements the demonstrate the misconduct.

If you want any help, let me know.

And also…if you have any documents from the enrollment process. That can help too, also not required.

This is the thread the questions came up in.

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