The Art Institute of Houston

I started writing mine for the Hollywood location that closed recently, but I’ve already graduated years ago and I don’t necessarily qualify under their borrowers defense guidelines because of it. Am I still correct in submitting?

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YES! you can still file DTR- Borrower Defense.
Your eligibility and chance for discharge really come down to the language you use when you right the statements. You want to be very specific with ’ • ’ bullet point statements the demonstrate the misconduct.

If you want any help, let me know.

And also…if you have any documents from the enrollment process. That can help too, also not required.

This is the thread the questions came up in.

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Hi Dawn,

So would you also recommend not putting too much emotion into it?

Can you give me an example of what you mean?

Do you have a private email so I can send this information to you? Yeahhh I need some help.

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Information on how to get transcripts


June 17th - June 21st 11am - 1pm only

June 24th - June 28th 1pm – 5pm (limited access to some transcripts)

**July 1st - July 4th ** Closed

**July 5th ** 10am - 5pm

Houston students fill out the attached form and mail it in with your payment ($7 per transcript) to the address on the form (we do not take payments over the phone ). If you
are approved your official transcript will be mailed within a week. I am sorry however,
we do not use any of the electronic services to send transcripts.

Houston North and Non-Houston students please visit this link and it has information on how to order your transcript.

If you need just an unofficial transcript (no approval or payment needed, emailed to you only), email the form to or faxed 412.258.7237.

Houston students may also come in person during these times and provided we have access to your information you can get it the same day:
Tuesday – Friday 11am – 1pm and Monday – Thursday 2pm – 6pm.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to respond back.

AiH Transcript Request Form.pdf (210.0 KB)

I am not sure if I will get accepted. I graduated in 1999 from Duffs business institute.

File a DTR- Borrower Defense Defense to Repayment Application — The Debt Collective

Are we too late to file a DTR?

I have eight former classmates (possibly more) that recently gathered to file a group claim against the Art Institutes in Houston, and wasn’t aware of the necessary action until recently. Is there still time to file a DTR and take action for our loan forgiveness?

No. File your DTR!!
And let us know if you need any help doing so.

Dont not forget to check the box on the application if you want a forbearnace. They will not give it to you automatically. And your personal statement is THE most important part of the application.

Alright, and yes help would be appreciated!

To be specific, I have a loan from Sallie Mae that I believe is private. However I also have a loan from Great Lakes, and I’m unsure if that applies when it says it is both a federal and private loan. Both are for payment in the Art Institute program, so I’m not sure if that means both qualify or just Great Lakes. Thank you!

For the private student loans, you can dispute them with the PSL dispute tool.

For the DTR, what you need if proof you attended the school. A transcript, account statement, enrollment agreement…etc. Your statement is the most important part of this application.
General Notes

For each section below, please provide a detailed description of the following information:

  1. How the school communicated with you, whether in a brochure, online, over the phone, by email, or in person.
  2. What the school told you or failed to tell you that influenced your decision to enroll.
  3. Why you believe you were misled. What do you know now, or what did they hide or misrepresent back then. Did they use any tactics to pressure you, intimidate you, did they create obstacles if you expressed dissatisfaction or a desire to withdraw?
  4. The name/title/department of any person (s) who you believe misled you or failed to give you important information. (if known)
    For each category, think about your experience and give a response for each department you ever interacted with throughout the school system at your campus. Tell your story even if it feel repetitive.

The categories of misconduct:
Employment Prospects
Program Cost and Nature of Loan
Transferring Credits
Career Services
Educational Services
Admissions and Urgency to Enroll

The Departments you might have interacted with:
Financial Aid
Career Services
Teachers or Program Chairs
Admin or Faculty: Campus Leadership, Dean, Registrar, Bookstore, Librarian,…etc.
Classmates or Cohort

When you file be sure to attach any related documents, such as transcripts, enrollment agreements, promotional materials from the school, emails with school officials or your school’s manual, or course catalog.

*Are you requesting forbearance/stopped collections? Yes, I want all of my federal loans currently in repayment to be placed in forbearance and for collections to stop on any loans in default while my borrower defense application is reviewed. During this time period, I understand that interest will continue to accrue.

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Awesome, thanks!
If I’m doing this as a group of people, do I need everyone to file the DTR, or am I able to upload their stories when I file my own? Which works best in that matter?

DTR is an individual application process. and each person must file for themselves. You need a login for the FSA website.

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Hello Dawn, My school I went to was owned by EDMC and then owned by Dream Center. Does this qualify?

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Did the campus close?

If they close, you should look to see if you qualify for Close School Discharge.

otherwise, :point_up: use the link above to file a DTR- Borrower Defense Application

Hi Dawn A few of the campuses did close at the school.

So be sure to read through the link above and see if you qualify.

I believe I do they mislead alot of students.

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