Student Debt Strike in 2019?

Hi Beth! There will be an update in the fall about how people can use this platform to help organize a strike. In the meantime, we need to get as many people as possible to sign up to this platform. One way to encourage people to join is to share our tools. People can dispute almost any debt in collections on the tools page. Thanks for your help organizing!


It’s now October. Is there any news?

organizers are working on this! more soon!!



Hello Folks!!! :wave:

:loudspeaker: Who here is READY TO TAKE ACTION to win #College4all and Full Cancellation of all 1.6 Trillion in student debt??? We are working hard behind the scene getting the platform ready to launch next steps and actions… in the meantime we do have an easy and simple call to action for those willing to participate.

Who is on STRIKE and NOT MAKING PAYMENTS on their student debt?
• You are actively refusing payment. Loans are delinquent or in default.
• Your loans are in Forbearance or Deferment Status.
• Your IBR is $0 a month.

If this is you, can you send me @Dawn_L :camera_flash: picture of yourself and :thought_balloon: 1-2 lines on why you are on strike.

For example,
My name is Dawn L. and I am on strike because I know we have a right to education without this reckless burden of debt. I am fighting for full cancelation of all student debt because I know we all have been defrauded, regardless of what school we went to.

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I would definitely join. I’d even help organize the strike in my area. I participated in the Youth Climate Strike with my two boys, which really seemed to get people’s attention. I’d suggest the strike be similar with the emphasis on college students walking out of their classrooms. Unfortunately, once you’ve joined the work force it is much more difficult as you can face being fired for leaving work. I would also suggest that we ALL just not pay our student loan during the strike - even if just one payment was not made by ALL of us it would garner a lot of attention - especially from law makers.


Hi folks! We have created a strike page where people can sign up for the strike. Please sign up and let us know if you have any feedback about the process.

We are having a launch event on CA on Feb 7. We will post more about that soon!

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So, what if something like that started as community support groups? I think the most overwhelming and debilitating aspect of all this is the isolation. Are there support groups nationwide where we can come together and support each other?

I really feel, personally, like I would benefit from meeting other people struggling with this.

Forgive me if it’s a dumb question. First day here. I’ve just been grasping at straws for so long and didn’t even realize the existence of this organization.

Thank you.


Hello @Jperuskie and thanks for posting. In fact, one of our organizers @Dawn_L is going to start hosting some calls. Welcome!


Does the strike have something other in mind than just not paying your loans? Would we be calling the loan servicer to tell them we are done paying?

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yes, we already have members finding each other in their local areas and getting connected.

I am in Nevada and have been able to tweet at my Rep and get some response. I went to a townhall too and that was interesting. My next step will be to host a debt burn with community folks. To open up the space and talk about the issues we face related to debt. And make a symbolic gesture. Debt is unjust. We all deserve to earn enough to live without having to debt leverage our lives and our future.

You can use this link to get started and reach out through the platform to find folks in your area.

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If my school debt could go into hiding that’s ok, but to have it erased could change my life. I’m unsure if you know, but it has become the most negative thing in my life. I don’t work with what my degree is in. I wasnt well versed on any of this. What degree I wanted, especially what my loans were going to bring. I thought my mom had paid for my school and I never stressed about the part I was loaned. We need help


I’m already on an “IDR” (Income-Driven Repayment Plan); but I won’t hesitate to join a Student Debt Strike! I owe over $40k in student loans.


Can you possibly go into more details?

What’s happening?

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Please be sure to add your name at

After you look over the strike page. Let me know what your questions are.


Absolutely I would!!


I agree. As a single Mom, I worry about how my kids will be able to go to college. My student has been nothing but a nightmare. I know it will only get worse. It’s been flipped through so many different facilities, its now a 60 thousand dollar loan, for a degree that ended up being worthless, because they changed the rules a year before I graduated. I just want it to go away, it truly feels like a prison sentence.