Student Debt Protests

I am interested in organizing student debt protests and even a mass student default to bring attention to the student debt crisis in the US. This is really just a form of slavery. I am tired of it.


I think it is fine to try to try to change student debt through legislative action; however, there needs to be a mass organization of student debtors to bring attention to our crisis.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the last year. It seems like another economic crash is inevitable, and I think it’s likely that what happened to the housing market in 2008 will happen to student loans this time around. However, to make a mass default effective (as far as long-term change), it would have to be intentional rather than people defaulting for lack of any better option.

The biggest problem I see is that we need enough people across the country who are willing to hold out even given the pressures that will be put on some or all of us, and who aren’t going to drop off once things get hard.

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Hi ! Great idea. Let’s move this discussion here:


I just joined and am a little overwhelmed by the user guide and the technology, and not sure how or if reading and writing posts is actually DOing something, but I do want to participate in a massive legal non financially suicidal student debt strike.

Hi there,
What state are you in? I can send you links to better navigate the platform.

I am in Massachusetts.