Cripple the economy

Stop paying student loans. Reduce and eliminate debt. Save save save. Reduce spending in the economy. These tasks are difficult yet when millennials, who push the service economy in the USA, stop spending these companies collapse. When we go into recession mode, the economy will follow. Once the economy turns from euphoric to panic, stocks and housing will reset. When there is a reset, the economy starts over for the next large wave of demographics. Basically boomers are not valuable and they milk government programs like Medicare/ Medicade and social security while not working which does not make revenue for the government through tax. The next spenders in the economy are millennials. It’s our time. Every single person in power is a boomer. President, federal reserve, ceo, Congress, the house. Don’t you think these people will push the federal reserve to lower interest rates to add more home buyers to control supply and demand. The lower the mortgage interest rate, the more potential buyers, which pushes up housing, which we have seen. Stocks are booming because stock buybacks, due to lower corporate tax rates from 35% to 21% which exclude millennials from purchasing. It’s demographic warfare. Why are we tolerating these old bald guys who need blue pills to feel like a man? It’s time to join forces like wolves do to survive. It’s time to hunt in a pack. It’s time to bite.


I agree, millennials need to take control. It’s becoming YOUR world. That being said, I am a boomer. But I too have been scammed into this debt for my millennial daughter. It is unconscionable what my peers have done and continue to do. I stand by you new warriors and support your (wolfish) actions. Remember some of us boomers fought against the Vietnam War back in the day. We too, stood up to the power elites. I hitchhiked myself to DC for all the riots that took place there against the war and also for de-segregation. So some of us know quite well what needs to happen. It is heartening to hear you speak of fighting the status quo. You will find when you get organized and start the fight, that many of us (alternative) boomers will join you. Can’t wait!


Thank you for your empathy. It is rare to find a boomer who isn’t a sociopath and capable of understanding.

I’m sorry it seems that way to you Michael. My husband and I shake our heads in disbelief at where these soulless people have come from. It used to be when we were young that we saw those conservative types just as sheltered children. I also think the fighters of our day now have receded into academia and comfort. But there were many of us in our youth back in the 60’s. We were like you, outraged at what the elders were doing. I wonder if all generations feel this way. Anyway I get where you’re at. Please don’t close the door in your heart believing that we’re all like that. Good luck!

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You can’t discredit that there is systematic domination that boomers have. Majority rules in democracy. So there has been a lot of benefits such as reasonable education, housing, and stocks as a percentage of income, with consideration of inflation.

Your situation of disliking the older generation when you were young is statistically not as big of a gap as millennial to boomers. To buy a house when you were in your twenties was reasonable. It is out of reach for millennials and that’s why home ownership is at its lowest in history. Boomers scoop up rentals and millennials do not have leverage to buy. We are positioned in a difficult position. We are the only generation in history to get taken advantage of by our own government because we wanted to get educated and grow our skills. Interest rates on student loans cap at 6.8%. So to get ahead of our student loans we have to have wages increase by 2-3% for inflation, AND 6.8% to grow our purchasing power. We as millennials stopped having family’s because of student loans. Millennials postpone marriage because of this issue. What issue has boomers experienced that family’s stopped on a halt. Nothing. It’s nonsense to think a boomer can relate with a millennial.

“It’s nonsense to think a boomer can relate with a millennial.”

And until you’re able to speak to someone on the level of the individual, rather than on whatever group demographic furthers your cause, it’s nonsense to think Michael_Hicks can relate to actual complexity of the issue.

The federal reserve says the same thing. It’s too complex for United States citizens to understand.

I agree with you Michael it is evil what has been done to your generation and it’s unfortunate that my generation has been dominant as such. It is always handy to have a clear some one to blame. But just remember you may find in your future that it is even bigger then just one generation to another. In short there are those who rule behind the scenes, who literally feed off the fear and anger they create in our world. I wish the best for you and all Millenials, Michael.