Congress Wants to Give $1,000 to Every American

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing the economy to a standstill, and these fools want to give us Bread crumbs.

Seriously folks, what is $1k going to do for any of us when we all hold astronomical numbers in student debt or debt in general? I was told that currently interests rates on student loan debt is paused, but so what? Once this pandemic is over, we’re all back to square one.
These fools are the very ones that messed this economy up in the first place, the coronavirus is just exposing their reckless hubris and mismanagement.
The Fed prints money to infinity , what is 1$k? many will use that to pay debt, utilities, or food anyway, it goes right back into their pockets. They can reset the system if they really wanted to, erase all debt but no. We live in a false construct, unless your vastly wealthy a loan is needed for most big purchases, heck even the super rich and large corporations take out loans.
What a messed up society this is.


Hi @wiz11,

We are organizing to win full student debt cancellation. Please call your Senators and Representatives TODAY! You can look up who they are here: Organizing to win College For All

Alternatively you can call the switchboard at 202-224-3121 and ask to be connected to your Senator or Rep. You will need to call three times.

It is possible that we will see some form of mass student debt cancellation within a matter of days, but only if we fight, make the most of this moment, and put maximum pressure on Congress to act now. If we fight, we will win.

If we don’t win mass debt cancellation in this first wave of economic stimulus, we are organizing a massive student debt strike. It will take a movement, direct action and civil disobedience to win the deep structural changes we are fighting for. You can join the strike here:

Or society is deeply messed up, and there is a lot going on right now that is scary. But there is also a chance for us to band together and help each other while we remake society into the kind we want to live in. There is a lot to do, and many reasons for hope.


Well said–depressing, but true. I’ll take their fucking crumbs, it will help pay the bills for a few weeks, but yes, the system is fucked. 1k is a band-aid on an infected wound. Not the best metatphor, just the 1st one that comes to mind…





Thank you for the info! I posted a reply before I saw your post. I will take action!


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I have taken action as well. Shame on Congress. We fight on.