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This is the space where we are organizing posts for Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. People on this platform have access to all Debt Collective and Strike Debt accounts, including:

Please share your ideas for posts, memes, Gifs, and more by hitting reply.


Hi there,
For folks that are joining our Social Media Team. Please take a moment and fill out this poll so we can set up a call to develop our plan together. This will be the initial call where we set up a community agreement, categories and timeline.

Fill this out by End of day Thursday 12/12 . Call details will be announced on friday.
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  • Click the box :point_up: above your day of choice to vote
  • Sunday Dec. 15 @ 8am pst/ 11am est
  • Sunday Dec. 15 @ 1 pm pst/ 3pm est
  • Mon Dec. 16 @ 7am pst/ 10am est
  • Mon Dec. 16 @ 4pm pst/ 7pm est
  • Mon Dec. 16 @ 6pm pst/ 9pm est
  • Tues Dec. 17 @ 7am pst/ 10am est
  • Tues Dec. 17 @ 4pm pst/ 7pm est
  • Tues Dec. 17 @ 6pm pst/ 9pm es

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After the initial team call, we will have a call every 3rd Sunday of the month @ 5pm pst/ 8pm est.


Thanks Dawn!! I filled out the poll.


@Ami_Schneider what is the name of the conference line you recommended? I am working on getting things set up for Monday.

Let’s go ahead and post agenda items here.
•talk about timeline
•determine who want to work on what?
a. develop content (images, posts text…etc)
b. collect media relevant to categories
c. lead up SM storms

…what else?

Here is the link to join GHO for the call this evening 6pm pst/ 9pm est

Hi Everyone! Late to the conversation but would love to be included going forward. I have experience in web and graphic design and have done a lot of freelance social media work. Happy to be helpful in any way. Feel free to reach out via email if necessary:

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Hi there, are you connected with @0debtzone? That is our twitter code. We need folks to re-post thread and spread the word on the strike.

Beyond that, I will get another call set up in a few weeks so we can continue to strategies and build momentum. I really appreciate you responding and having interest in helping out.


p.s. feel free to get inspired and create an image that shows student debtors refusing to pay. :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I think the current situation re: COVID-19 is a prime opportunity to build momentum behind a student debt strike! Many of our workplaces are reducing hours or shutting down until further notice, so how/why should we be expected to keep up with debt repayments? Waiving interest on federal loans is not enough. Very interested in helping spread the word over social media/online.


Hi all, I’m coming to the collective a bit late but I’m looking to get involved. I’m away from my campus these days, so it’s hard for me to organize on campus but I’m interested in doing social media work if there’s work to be done, and I want to contribute however I can. I can be reached at I agree that this seems like a potentially good time to build momentum. My loans are in deferment right now, but I’m losing my part-time job because of COVID-19, so it’s hitting me as a student.


@winter welcome to the Social Media chat. Folks here are interested in helping in this area.

@Dan_Hong @justdaryl @cole.norgaarden @endstudentdebt

hey all! we’ve had some transitions here at the Debt Collective so sorry about the delay, let’s connect next week about setting up a time to talk. hope you are all taking good care of yourselves during this crisis.

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Sounds good! Take care, everyone!


Hey Winter:

Sounds good! Thank you!! Please stay safe!


You can post SM images here. Then other can access them.

Hello SM team,
Here are some images that can be used for SM efforts.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to say that I will be posting info about the student debt strike on the Washoe County Mutual Aid Solidarity Network’s Facebook page and twitter feed. Thanks to all.


If you haven’t followed @thedebtcollective on Instagram, please do so!

I also have claimed the handle for @studentdebtstrike to help us amplify that message and direct people to joining our platform.

Please share your ideas for activating our presence on Instagram!