Bank Levy over car registration in a state I don’t live in

I got hit with a bank levy out of nowhere by the state franchise tax board of my old state. The reason being that I haven’t registered my car. I moved out of the state before the registration was up, and I can’t afford to register in my new state, so it’s expired. They took $125, but I think they want about $400+ in fees and fines, and of course, I won’t have a registered car at the end of it.

Have you contacted your bank to get a stop on the levy?
Did you receive any documents?

I will message you my number. If you want to call we can talk this through.



The bank would only give me the number for the tax board. It was apparently a legal order. I got sent a bill for registration, but lost track of it at some point and didn’t think about it because I had moved.

Can you take a few minutes today and check out this resource?

Challenging the Attachment

The notice that you receive should set out your rights to object to the attachment and may identify exemptions which would allow the funds to be released to you. The notice should provide the deadlines for you to object or challenge the attachment and identify the creditor and the case in which the attachment has been issued.

In most cases, to challenge the attachment, you will need to file papers with the court telling the judge why you don’t believe the attachment is appropriate.
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