Asking for Loan Validation

Just spoke to a collector and sent an email asking for validation of my original student loan. National Collegiate holds the loan now but they weren’t the original lender. Not gonna lie, I’m scared. The collections guy sounded to sure he could get the documents. Hoping for relief from this nightmare, after $37k in payments I owe more than I borrowed. Wish I could go back in time… any advice is welcome.

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Can you help me better understand. What are you afraid they can produce?
also, have you looked into filing Borrower Defense to Repayment to dispute your loans and get them into a Forbearance Status?

oh, I see… the loan validation . got it.

So they have the original documents from the original lender, I think that pretty much means I cant really fight them in court. I think at this point my only option is to settle and use a debt settlement company. Not sure I wanna risk that they’ll sue me, although the statute of limitations is up in November.

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Hi Cocacoley,
Wishing you luck with your settlement.
May i ask, was it a private loan?
Also was the statute of limitations 7 yrs from the date repayment starting ? I am not sure how the SOL works.
Thank you.
Kind regards.

Thanks, the statute in California is 4 years from the last payment. That being said I recently learned that filing bankruptcy extends that statute is some cases so I’m not exactly sure how that will work in my case. Private loans by the way. No statute for federal.